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This category started in 2016 to present general body shape and proportions focusing mainly on the proportions and muscles of the upper body.⠀


Competition model
     1.According to the male weight level (2 competition categories)
     2.According to the female weight level (2 competition categories)

Weight class and height
The company will take the measurements for the contestants and select the weight type and height as appropriate.

Muscle Physique decision
     1.Muscle symmetry 
     2.Pose and expression 
     3.Muscle size 
     4.Condition and definition

Order of competition
     First round of selection
         - Competitors pose in freestyle within 30 seconds.
***Contestants who pass the selection in this round will be the ones who will enter the final round***

Dress code
     Male: Male swimsuit Must be international standard swimsuits, dark in color, without patterns or brand logos.
     Female: Female swimsuit Must be an international standard two-piece bikini, no color restrictions, no patterns or brand logos, Wear high heels

* Jewelry allowed.
** The use of discoloration cream is allowed. or body oil in an appropriate amount.
*** In the event that the contestant does not comply with the requirements Points will be deducted.

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