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The Ms. Bikini category is based on the players' body line, condition, and this competition focuses on overall appeal.


Competition model
     1.According to the female weight level (2 competition categories)

Ms.Bikini decision
     Round1 (sportswear)⠀⠀
        1.Sportswear outfit selection 
        3.Posing and expression 
        4.Overall appearance ⠀⠀

     Round 2 (bikini)⠀⠀⠀
        1.Physical condition 
        2.Overall appearance 
        3.Aesthetic score 
        4.Posing and expression ⠀

Order of competition
        Sportswear selection round
           -Competitors pose in freestyle
***Competitors who have passed the selection in the Sportswear round will be the person who enters the Bikini round***

        Bikini round
           - Competitors pose in freestyle within 30 seconds (in any order)
***Contestants who pass the selection in the second round will be the ones who enters to the final round***

Dress code
      Round 1
           1. Contestants must wear clothing that reflects their personality. Presented through the form of exercise.

       Round 2
           1. Women's swimsuits Must be an international standard two-piece bikini, no color restrictions, no patterns or brand logos. Wear high heels and can wear jewelry as appropriate

*If there are inappropriate clothing,accessories or even expressions and behaviors. Points may be deducted and can be disqualified from the competition.

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